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Once you arrive in Alajuela and decide to study Spanish in Spanish Pura Vida, you will be ready to do many activities without leaving the city.

Feed the pigeons in the Central Park, visit the Juan Santa Maria Museum and get to know our history or on Saturdays or Sundays go to the Alajuela central park to see the people dancing with typical marimba music.


The marimba is an idiophone percussion instrument, similar to the xylophone. Xylophones are widely used in music from central and western Africa. The term marimba comes from the Bantu marimba or malimba; the word is formed by ‘many’, and rimba ‘single bar xylophone’. This instrument is one of the typical instruments of Costa Rica.

The music is another of Alajuela’s quirks, another of the activities you can do while you move around Alajuela is to visit the central park to witness one of the most beautiful moments. You will see the Alajuela Concert Band performing one of their most famous songs, whether it be national music or symphonies of great musicians of history.

In this video you can see Banca playing Nicolaus Caballito Costa Rican Folklore Author Mario Chacón Segura.

Alajuela Concert Band

Poas Alajuela Volcano

The poas volcano is currently active and has one of the largest craters in the world. Get to know this colossus without traveling great distances.

Not only does it have one of the largest craters in the world, but it is located in the mountainous forests of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, so it boasts magnificent natural landscapes: this is the Poás Volcano National Park.

Being located in the province of Alajuela, it offers visitors good access from the main cities of the country.

This place allows you to explore its attractions through a network of trails, in a cold climate nuanced especially by a drizzle that prevails most of the year.

You can also enjoy the varied cuisine, worthily represented by fruits, such as strawberries, and also by some dairy products.

Furthermore, you will appreciate cultural manifestations of communities surrounding the Park, such as Poasito, Fraijanes, Varablanca, and San Pedro de Poás. All these are recommended stops for a complete visit.

There is no denying that the Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the most spectacular places in Alajuela. Experience the majesty of Costa Rica first-hand and see up close one of the most active volcanoes that exist today. While the volcano has not exhibited any activity recently, scientists still believe that Arenal is not inactive. There is a good chance that it will return to its previous state at any time. If you are visiting the city of Alajuela in Costa Rica, and want to see a show like no other, consider an exciting and picturesque trip to the national park that surrounds Arenal. Of course, the park is perfectly safe to visit. If the volcano could ever represent some risk of an eruption in some way that could pose a danger to visitors, an evacuation would be carried out well in advance.

Arenal Volcano

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