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Our immersion classes follow a very comfortable and cultural approach due to our limit of eight students per class. Nevertheless, we make sure to stay focused during our classes in order to get you speaking Spanish as soon as possible.

All courses include the following:

    • Small groups (max 8).
    • City-wide tour of Alajuela.
    • Placement exam to ensure proper leveling.
    • Conversational classes with English students.
    • Free pick-up / drop-off at airport.
    • Diploma for course completion.
    • Map of the city and surrounding area.
    • 24/7 emergency support.
    • Volunteer opportunity guidance and support.
    • Free use of wi-fi.
    • Outdoor classes on Friday’s

The staff at Spanish Pura Vida was incredibly helpful. I’ve taken courses in Spain, Guatemala, and Perú and haven’t seen the sort of support system that Spanish Pura Vida provided ever before. They were at an arm’s length whenever I had an issue with anything. I’d highly recommend them to friends back in the States.

Erica Anderson, artist and world-traveler, 32

We offer a ton of options for our students. Below, you will see a ton of information about what we offer, what you might be interested in, and what you can use to create a custom package.


How do you want to learn?

Full Day Program:   Someone who really wants to learn • 20 full-day intensive spanish classes
These are the major league classes. Four hour days, five days a week. Although exhausting, this course will have you speaking quickly. By the end of the first week you will begin to taste the glory that is Spanish. You’ll be in the streets, talking with everyone and anyone you can. “Hola, ¿comó está? will be your new best friend. Take this class if you’re a serious Spanish student and want to really hit the books and grind into the language.
Sign up for the intensive program if:
  • You’re prepared to hit the books hard and spend 3-4 hours a day in a classroom.
  • You want to begin speaking with locals immediately after arriving.
  • You’re focus is learning Spanish and not traveling.
  Half Day Program:   Someone who wants to learn, but want to focus on exploring • 20 half-day intensive spanish classes
These are the minor league classes. Here, we will give you everything you need to begin speaking casually as well as the tools to continue your studies on your own. You’ll be in the classroom 2 hours a day, and afterward will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding area of Alajuela.
Sign up for this program if:
  • You’re focus is travel and sight-seeing.
  • You want to learn spanish, but don’t want to spend most of your day in the classroom.
  • You want the basics to help you get around, and not the nitty-gritty details.
  Private Lessons:   Someone who prefers working one-on-one with an instructor • Depending on your needs
These classes pair you up one-on-one with a private Spanish instructor based on your needs. If you only have time to learn for three or four days, we can work with you to pair you with an instructor who can give you want you need for your journey throughout Costa Rica.
Sign up for this program if:
  • You only need a re-cap on previously learned Spanish.
  • You only have 3-5 days to stay in Alajuela.
  • You don’t enjoy the group classroom and prefer one-on-one instruction.

Ready for an Adventure?

When: Second Saturday of the month

What: White Water Rafting and Canopy Tour Combo Where: In the Mountains North of Alajuela
Quick run-down:
Saturday morning we leave the school at 7am and begin our morning drive through the beautiful Costa Rican mountains. The plan: paddle down 10 kilometers of intense rapids with names like “Congo Loco” and “Rock around the Croc”. As you descend down this beautiful class 2-3 river, you’ll be given views of the lush greenery, vines, and different types of insects, birds and animals. Bi-lingual guides will point out monkeys, sloths,and toucans all while you and your crew fight roaring rapids!
When you are finished, we’ll have private changing rooms and showers and will be ready to have a delicious lunch. You will be served a typical Costa Rican meal and will be given the chance to purchase photos from your rafting experience. Afterwards, as we start heading back to San Jose we will stop in the beautiful cloud forest and head on your next adventure- ziplining. This canopy tour has 12 exciting runs through the cloud forest, the last one being the famous superman ride which zips you head first across a valley and provides amazing aerial views of the surrounding mountains, rivers and land. When you are done, we’ll head back to San Jose and drop you back off at your hotel.

Tour Includes:  
  • Friendly driver
  • Professional, bilingual guides
  • All admission to activities
  • Snack
  • Costa Rican Lunch
  • 8 Full Hours, return to school around 3:30pm
You should probably bring…
  • Shoes with straps
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Straps for glasses
  • Change of clothes
  • Clothes to get wet in
  • Your Pura Vida Attitude!
Note that other tours are available. Check out our full adventure page!

Explore the Culture, Witness the Nature

When: First Saturday of the Month

What: Poás Volcano, Sarchi, and Grecia Tour Where: North of Alajuela
Quick run-down:
We’ll leave the school at 8am and head North into the mountains. Our route will take us through miles of coffee plantations, the quaint town of Poás, and endless farms of strawberries soaking up the lush volcanic soil. The volcano is home to a crater over 1.5km wide and is one of the world’s largest existing geysers. The national park it lives in contains some of the richest animal life and vegetation in the country. The tour includes a 30 minute hike through this wonderland and ends at the Volcano’s crater lagoon.
We’ll then head to the craft center of Sarchí. Home to hundreds of local artisans, known for their pottery, basketry, and their famous oxcarts, the town boasts plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish and interact with shopkeepers.
Lastly we’ll head to the picturesque city of Grecia. Once known as the ‘Cleanest Little Town in Latin America’, Grecia is home to quiet streets, a beautiful central park, and the Catedral de la Mercedes. The church was prefabricated in Belgium in 1897, shipped to Costa Rica, in pieces, and carried by Oxcart to Grecia from the Caribbean.

Tour Includes:
  • Friendly driver
  • Professional, bi-lingual guides
  • Admission to Poás National Park
  • Snack
  • Costa Rican Lunch
  • 8 – 10 hours, return to school around 4:30pm
You should probably bring…
  • Shoes you can hike in
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Your new Spanish speaking skills!
  • …and Your Pura Vida Attitude!

Stay Fit, Get Your Workout On

How long: 1-8 Weeks, You Decide

What: Fully Equipped Gym Open 6 Days a Week Where: 5 Minute Walk From the School
Power Star Gym
Located just 3 blocks from the school, the Power Star Gym in Alajuela offers you everything you’ll need to stay in shape during your stay with Spanish Pura Vida. Your membership grants you 24 hour access Monday through Saturday and provides you with free admittance to the various group workouts the Gym offers.

Equipment List
  • Cross Trainer
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary Cycle
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Dumbells
  • Chestpress
  • And More!
Classes Offered:
  • Cycling Class
  • Full Cardio Challange
  • Zumba Dance Workout
  • Core Crumch

Become One of the Family

What: Full-Time Living With a Costa Rican Family

When: The Length of Your Learning Adventure Where: Blocks Away From the School
Quick Snapshot:
With 95% of the cost going directly to the families, our Homestay program helps not only you but the locals of Alajuela. The program is the absolute best way for you to immerse yourself in the language and practice what you learn in the classroom in a real-world setting. Customs, cuisines, and culture will be first-hand knowledge after a month and you will walk away with friends for a lifetime. For more information visit our detailed Home Stay Program page.


Below is an extensive layout of the enrollment options we offer here at Spanish Pura Vida.

Intensive Course

80 hours



4 weeks
4-Hour Days
Monday to Friday
Maximum of 8 Students
“Home Stay” breakfast and dinner plus laundry service

Semi-Intensive Course

40 hours



4 weeks
2-Hour Days
Monday to Friday
Maximum of 8 Students
“Home Stay” breakfast and dinner plus laundry service

One-on-one private lessons



home stay

4 weeks
$25 per hour ($5.00 per additional student)
Monday to Friday
“Home Stay” breakfast and dinner plus laundry service

Make your reservation with one of our consultants .

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