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We have an incredibly rich and wide range of activities available in order for you to learn the Spanish language in no time. Our school offers you the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture and we do this through our many ways of servicing our students. Our courses are divided in three:


  1. Full day Program
  2. Half day Program
  3. Private lessons


Each one of these courses has been carefully designed in order to provide students with the most comfortable option available to learn Spanish.


We also provide students with a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in the Costa Rican society through our Home Stay program in which students will not only learn Spanish with native Costa Ricans but will also have first-hand experience of Costa Rican culture and traditions.


Last but not least, we provide students the opportunity to explore and enjoy Costa Rican nature and culture through our Learning Tours in which students will be able to participate in such activities as kayaking through class 2-3 rivers to exploring the wonders of the Poas volcano and even more!


Our immersion classes follow a very comfortable and cultural approach due to our limit of eight students per class. Nevertheless, we make sure to stay focused during our classes in order to get you speaking Spanish as soon as possible.


There is no better way to truly understand the culture and dominate the Spanish language than by staying with a local family that can offer students a true immersion experience.


From Kayaking and mountain biking to exploring the wonders of a Costa Rican coffee farm, Spanish Pura Vida will give you the adventure of a lifetime guided by our highly trained bilingual tour guides.

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