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Learn Spanish Costa Rica

Spanish Pura Vida is located in the city of Alajuela, the heart of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Only twenty minutes from the San José airport, the city provides students with an urban cultural experience as well as with the perfect jumping spot to stunning natural beauty.


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Alajuela is center to some of the most unique and rich Costa Rican culture. With the school at the heart of the city, you will experience the life of a true Costa Rican.

About Our Spanish School

Started in 2006, Spanish Pura Vida has been apart of a close-knit network of language learning schools in Costa Rica. We offer students a relaxed learning environment with free coffee, wifi, and learning materials. Boasting 10 sizable classrooms, the School is home to Spanish learners and English learners alike.

Once you walk in our doors, you’re part of the Spanish Pura Vida family. Your first days here, you will be guided by our friendly staff who will introduce you to your teachers, show you the inner workings of the school, and help you get situated with your Homestay family.

Our Partners

Our closest teaching partner is the Central Cultural de Idiomas (CCI) which primarily teaches English to local Costa Ricans. Having this partnership provides us the opportunity to further immerse our students in the culture by introducing foreign Spanish students to local English learners. Six days a week we have organized conversational classes that help both parties with their respective languages


Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral
Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral
  • The Cathedral was constructed in 1854.
  • Two Costa Rican presidents are buried here.
  • It is the second biggest church in all of Costa Rica.
Tomas Guardia Central Park
Tomas Guardia Central Park
  • Traditional Costa Rican music is performed at the park every Saturday.
  • Local break dancers use the park to practice and perform.
  • The fountain located at the center of the park was imported from Glasgow, Scotland.
Juan Santamaria
Juan Santamaria Park
  • A city-wide parade is held every April 11th to commemorate the Battle of Rivas.
  • The famous Alajuela “letters” sit just meters away in the Parque de los Niños.
  • A detailed history of the life of Juan Santamaria exists in the museum near Central Park.
Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium
Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium
  • It has capacity for 17,895 spectators.
  • The stadium was named in 1961.
  • The stadium has feature concerts from renown artists such as Elton John and the band Iron Maiden
Central Market of Alajuela
Central Market of Alajuela
  • It is open from Monday to Saturday from 6am to 6pm
  • It has a total area of 25,149 square feet.
  • There are 249 businesses within the market with a wide variety of services including restaurants.
  • It was founded on the 12th of October, 1782.


Excellent Results

With our background in education, comprehensive resources and our phenomenal staff, we are able to ensure that students receive the best learning experience possible while in Costa Rica. Regardless of your age, your background or your knowledge in Spanish, we can promise you an enriching experience that will not only teach you how to speak a new language but also open your eyes to a brand new and welcoming culture.


Our Professional Instructors

With local and international experience, our professional Spanish instructors are the best at what they do. Together, they designed our curriculum and have been continually updating it for over the past twenty years ensuring the most effective programs for our students.

Instructors work closely with students in small, dynamic groups and aim to create a comfortable environment that focuses on Spanish conversation. Speaking is important! We incite our students to only speak Spanish in the classroom with our instructors.

learn spanish in costa rica

Freddy Fariñas

Spanish Professor

Freddie is a native to Costa Rica. He helped co-found the school after working 10+ years as an English teacher and 8+ years as a Spanish teacher. He holds a degree from the University of Costa Rica in linguistics and is a proven professor implementing the newest learning techniques while staying steadfast to the classics that work.


Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Pizza
Biggest Secret: His Age

learn spanish in costa rica

Oscar Galvez

Spanish Professor / Founding Director

Oscar was born and raised in Perú and made the move north to Costa Rica nearly thirty years ago. Once here, he earned a Bachelor’s in English from the Universidad Nacional (UNA), opened in English teaching school, and got involved in the tourism industry. Ten years ago, he began teaching Spanish to tourists, went back to school, and earned a ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) degree from UNA.


Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Ceviche
Biggest Secret: Favorite Movie

learn spanish in costa rica

Alex Herrera

Spanish Professor

Alex was born and raised in Argentina and moved to Costa Rica to further his English studies at University of Costa Rica. He earned an English teaching degree from the university in 2010 and returned two years later to earn a teaching degree for Spanish. Alex worked with Freddy to create our highly acclaimed teaching program at Spanish Pura Vida and is known many in the city to be one of the top professors in Costa Rica.


Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Food: Chifrijo!
Biggest Secret: His Height

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